For Profit Organizations
John C. Todd II, P.C.
We have access to up-to-date and pertinent audit resources, which means you benefit directly as the skills of talented, experienced professionals are combined with the knowledge of your government to assist you with tough management decisions.
John C. Todd II, P.C. is one of the leading firms in government and for profit auditing in Arizona. The experience of the firm's members and commitments to both continuing education and serving our clients make our firm the best choice for your For Profit Organization's auditing and accounting requirements. Some other reasons why we are your best choice are:
All reports and workpapers reviewed by the Arizona Auditor General have been accepted without modification.
We are members in good standing of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.
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In addition to his governmental audit experience, John Todd has been the audit manager in-charge of over 100 financial and related compliance audits of for-profit entities, including:
Construction Contractors with sales up to $20,000,000
Home Builders with sales up to $15,000,000
Manufacturers with sales up to $10,000,000
Hotel construction and management
Mortgage Companies servicing up to 3,000 loans;

requirements included extensive compliance reporting to SEC, FHA, FNMA, GNMA and HUD.
We utilize a PERSONAL APPROACH on every engagement, always emphasizing EFFICIENCY through planning, computerization, and staffing only with experienced professionals. Thus, the personal approach reduces "audit apprehension" and the efficiency minimizes the District staff's time requirement in the audit process.